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We are limiting T-F appointments to four families per hour. Saturday is first come, first serve. Click the links below to find your available window. Each link represents one of four family appointments per hour. Ex: If Appt #1 is unavailable for your needed time of day, simply check the remaining links, as one may be available. 

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11 products found in St. John Paul II Catholic High School

K500 St John Paul ll Boys Casual Polo
  • $ 23.95
L500 St John Paul ll Girls Casual Polo
  • $ 23.95
L508 St John Paul ll S/S Girls Dress Blouse patch above pocket
  • $ 24.95
S508 St John Paul ll Boys Short Sleeve Dress Shirt
  • $ 24.95
S608 St John Paul ll Long Sleeve Boys Dress Shirt
  • $ 27.95
L608 St John Paul ll Girls Long Sleeve Dress Blouse
  • $ 27.95
241 St John Paul ll Full Zip Athletic Fleece Jacket (Optional)
  • $ 39.95
1032BPR PLD599 St John Paul ll Girls Plaid Skirt
  • From $ 45.00
St John Paul ll Boys Dress/Casual Pants
  • $ 29.95
St John Paul ll Boys Casual Shorts
  • From $ 23.95
St. John Paul ll Striped Tie
  • $ 15.95